Outright ANC win will help Ramaphosa’s fight against corruption, SACP

The SACP says that an outright election victory for the ANC would strengthen president Cyril Ramaphosa and the organisation’s fight against corruption and state capture.

“As the SACP we have observed that the beneficiaries of state capture and corruption don’t want the ANC to get an outright majority during the coming elections.

“In their so-called fight-back efforts, they even clandestinely promote certain smaller parties to impose a coalition, thus presenting Cde Cyril Ramaphosa as a weak president who is incapable of winning elections for the ANC,” said Mpumalanga SACP provincial chairperson, Lucky Mbuyane.

He didn’t name the parties, however, there has been an emergence of many parties which use the same colours as the African National Congress. 

Recently, the Black First Land First party which has been a vocal supporter of Jacob Zuma during his corruption trial even visited the beleaguered former president and presented him a gift ahead of the launch of its manifesto.

Zuma, however, did not publicly endorse the party, but being seen with the party leadership sent tongues wagging.

In Mpumalanga, supporters of Cyril Ramaphosa have accused those who occupy the provincial offices at January Che Masilela House of distorting Ramaphosa’s campaign in Mpumalanga.

When the president visited the province, the organisation failed to fill up the small Kanyamazane stadium. The same applied when the organisation’s deputy Secretary-General, Jessie Duarte visited the province recently.

“Cyril Ramaphosa said he was going to fight corruption (so) they don’t want him to win an outright majority. We must frustrate those efforts. That’s why we urge voters to go out in their numbers to cast their vote in support of the fight against state capture and corruption by ensuring that the ANC wins an outright majority,” said Mbuyane.

The ANC issued a last minute cancellation of Ramaphosa’s planned visit to Mpumalanga and a rally which was scheduled for Bushbckridge on Sunday.

Sources within the ANC said the cancellation happened following 

While there’s a well documented disagreement between the SACP and ANC in Mpumalanga, Mbuyane said that the SACP will not cease its support for the ANC during elections.

“Elections are the ultimate campaign. They demand of us all to put our disagreements aside and focus on one goal – an outright majority for the ANC,” he said.

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