The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) Provides 1, 6 Billion to Charities and Non Profit Organizations (NPOs)

The NLC will provide 1, 6 billion to charities and NPOs for the calendar year 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. The NLC regulates lotteries and sports pools in South Africa, from which it collects revenue to fund good national causes. Khanyisa Newspaper witnessed the official opening of the call for funding at a breakfast meeting held at the Crown Plaza hotel in Rosebank.

The Chairperson of the NLC, Prof.Alfred Nevhutanda told various attending stakeholders and journalists that they were calling for new applicants for funding. He also informed the same meeting that qualifying institutions which had failed to secure funding during previous calls can also apply again. Commissioners at the meeting stated that applications would be considered on a first come first save bases provided they fall into the priority areas set by the Commission.

The priority areas for this year are sport and recreation, arts, culture and national heritage and the charities sectors. The NLC resolved to identify priority areas in order to enhance the impact of its targeted funding. Commissioners also shared information on projects previously funded by the NLC. According to the Chairperson of the Board, the NLC provided humanitarian funding towards water provision, in addition to funding the building of Earl Childhood Development Centers in all Provinces in the country.

However its current work is directly targeted towards making available inclusive transformative programs with clear measurable impact in communities. Among other things, programs for potential funding should focus on job creation, technological innovation, the participation of youths, women and people living with disability or other marginalized communities, increased access to education, especially rural areas.

The Chairperson captured the thrust of the new funding year as the advancement of rural, previously disadvantaged and poorer communities that support transformation and development, as well as projects that focus on job creation and the development of women and persons living with disabilities.

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