The TS Galaxy FC has embarked on a mission to launch supporter’s branches throughout KwaNdebele. The supporters branch is where supporters come together in a formed group to represent majority of the supporters, they also come together to share ideas on how to build the club and protect the interests of the supporters community. Supporters clubs are the main communication medium between the club and supporters community. The supporters clubs should be committed to promoting equality and diversity alongside the club. Supporters should always display boldness and authority.

To date there are five existing branches that have been launched and they are: Kameelrevier branch, Siyabuswa Branch, Allemansdrift branch, Kwagga branch and Maphotla branch.

The requirements for launching or registering a supporters club are:

  • A minimum of 50 members registered in the club’s database and branch database;
  • At least 25 of the 50 members should be TS Galaxy FC card holders;
  • All members of the supporters club should at least own one item of TS Galaxy regalia;
  • Established committee consisting of 6 leadership positions; chairperson, secretary,
    treasure, database coordinator, merchandise coordinator and supporters liaison coordinator.

TS Galaxy FC is a community and family orientated club, families attend matches with their children, so our supporters are expected to behave at their best and not in a manner that will display any violent or unruly behaviour to young kids. All supporters and fans at the stadium should enjoy the match without any disruptive behaviour.

To launch your branch in your area, you may contact: Sam Mlangeni at 0766454188 or Ace Mtsweni at 0766497689.

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