Mphalali High School reunions full of surprises and excitements

KWAGGA D– On October 19, 2018 Mphalali high school reunion of former classmates, together with their former teachers and principals organized a function to celebrate their life and they path they walked all together.

According to Yedwana Mahlangu, a high school reunion will really humble you and teach you some important lessons about life. “This is where you will see how many of us have managed to survive the ravages of life, who among us chose to take the road less travelled or whose path in life has been littered with thorns”, said Yedwana Mahlangu.

Former classmates and teachers of Mphalali High School

Moreover the truth is, you’re not doing anyone favours by not meeting and socialise with your former classmates and friends. Not your family. Not your employer and definitely not yourself. Research suggests that reducing stress and taking regular vacations once or twice a year may be as vital to your emotional and physical well-being as exercise or a healthful diet. And the benefits don’t stop there, vacations and social events have a positive impact on families, friends and organizations as well.

“There is a certain pressure and excitement that comes with meeting former classmates and finding out how we all turned out”, said Simon Msipa

In attendance were the three former Principals: Mr Steve Mayisela, Mr Tso Mtsweni and Mr Nangambi, former and current teachers which included amongst them Mr Stan Mabhena, Jeff Gololo, Mr Moseki, Mr and Mrs Ntsara, Mr Timmy Lekoloane and Mr Strike Matlala.

On the day it was agreed that this will be a yearly event and their next date for the coming function is the 12 October 2019.

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