IOM Workshop NLM Cllrs about Migrants


Improving SRHR-HIV Outcomes for Migrants (IOM) taught Nkomazi Local Municipality (NLM) Councillors (Cllr) about migrants in an aim to create a conducively environment for people from outside South Africa.

Before saying anything, the facilitators asked the ward Councillors to state strength and challenges that they encounter from migrants within their wards. Most of the Cllrs came out with similar answers which gave the facilitators a direction on which the things they had to start with.

Things like migrants being helpful on most of the tough jobs like brick laying, mechanic and panel beating of cars were the most common things mentioned as strengths by the Cllrs. In that discussion, challenges were more than the strengths. They said that most of the migrants embark into criminal activities because they fail to get proper paperwork of citizenship in South Africa. Some resort into selling or transporting illicit goods into the country.

According to the IOM Health Officer, Wambui Gititu the main aim of their project is improving SRHR-HIV outcomes for Migrants, Adolescents and young people and sex workers in migration-affected communities in Southern Africa.

“If people are not taught about something, they do anyhow but once they learn about something they do things the right way hence we partnered with the Nkomazi Municipality to ensure that the ward councillors are skilled,’ she said.

She further said that HIV/Aids has no boarders that’s the reason they also partnered with the department of health to make sure that people get tested and know their statuses.Gititu also told Nkomazi Observer that there’s a positive feedback from their clients here in Nkomazi and other places where they operate.

“We are hoping that the councillors will help distribute the information to the communities they lead to ensure that a conducive environment is created for migrants,” she said. They have about 50 people within the Nkomazi boundaries educating communities about their



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