DGMT Launches in Nkomazi

Nkomazi: DG Murray Trust (DGMT) launched its Flourish programme and trained selected home based care centres in Sibange last week.

Three females from different villages applied in September this year and they were invited for a seven days training in Johannesburg. The trio was trained and they were awarded Certificates of Attendance and they are now called Flourish hosts.

They were trained to take care of pregnant women and make sure that the unborn children are well taken care of. The Nkomazi’s three DGMT Flourish hosts guide the mother to be on what to eat and how do they need to do for about ten weeks.

One of the three trained Flourish hosts, Zinhle Ngwenya, told Nkomazi Observer that the first thousand days of a child are very important hence breastfeeding mothers need to eat well and stay away from anything that may hinder chances of their child’s good health. Ngwenya also mentioned that after birth a child, preferably, must be breastfed only they six month-old.

“Part of our duties is to educate them on how to breastfeed while they are not always with their children even if the mother happens to see her child once in three months,” continued Zinhle Ngwenya.

Each Flourish host will have group of twenty pregnant women, and the groups will work as support groups where by everyone participate and share their difficulties with an aim to be assisted. “Part of the things that will happen in those groups is that we will tackle challenges together and try to discourage abortions,” she said.

Another Flourish host based in Nkomazi, Elsie Mashele, stated that such are needed programmes in the communities because these days most people who get pregnant are young. “Young people need to be taught on how to handle things as some of them are carrying babies for the first time,” she said.



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